About Us

The Southern Baptist Belize (SBB) Convention was formed in 2015 out of a deep seated appreciation of the rich history of Baptist life in the beautiful country of Belize. Desiring to see the nation and its existing Baptist churches return to its historical, conservative doctrinal roots, three existing mission organizations already working in the country came together in order to promote solid, theological conviction in the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Belize.

Cooperating under the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, Vision Ministries of America, Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus, and the Golden Triangle Baptist Network joined their Kingdom efforts in Belize to form the SBB and is currently working with local churches, civic leaders, established missionaries and organizations to impact the entire nation of Belize with life changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a registered religious entity within the borders of Belize, the SBB is committed to staying true to its mission of equipping the Body of Christ to make disciples throughout Belize as the SBB network of churches and partners continue to grow in number. Continued growth is allowing the SBB to fulfill its vision of becoming a network of churches extending the Kingdom of God across Belize and the world through church planting, leadership development, church awakening/revitalization, global networking, and Christian community development.

The SBB invites others in Belize, the US, and abroad to cooperate with them in fulfilling the Great Commission in Belize and beyond. Contact the SBB today to find out how to join.


Dustin Guidry, Lead Pastor of Ridgewood Baptist Church, Port Arthur, Texas

Dr. Jim Hamilton, Executive Director of the Golden Triangle Baptist Network

Matt Jones, CFO of Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus

Job Lopez, Pastor of Harmonyville Baptist Church, Belize

Ustoquio Pop, Pastor in southern Belize

David Rhodes, Co-founder and Director of Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus


Equipping the Church to make disciples


To become a network of churches extending the Kingdom of God across Belize and the world