Church Planting

We believe in the planting of new congregations throughout the districts of Belize in order to see an increase number of disciples in the Body of Christ in a city/town/village.

We believe that planting new churches will enable the existing churches of cities/towns/villages to grow in unity, renewal, and revival. Here is an article that answers the question, "Why Plant Churches?"

Leadership Development

We work to enhance the quality of leadership in individuals, churches, and organizations. In its commitment to make disciples, the SBB is focused on delivering a variety of training and educational opportunities to the Christian leaders and pastors of Belize.

In partnership with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's Global Theological Innovation and the Bible Training Center for Pastors, the SBB is currently conducting BTCP bible classes for pastors and leaders in Belize.

Besides offering bible courses, the SBB periodically holds conferences, workshops, and training seminars to train existing leaders who can then duplicate leadership development practices in training the future leaders of the churches and communities of Belize.

Church Revitalization and Awakening

We strive to capture the vision God has for churches to impact their communities and make disciples. The SBB comes alongside existing churches to help them turn the tide of plateauing or declining by moving the church back towards growth. The SBB recognizes that growth does not necessarily mean an increase in numbers; rather, the SBB is dedicated to seeing that churches grow healthy and biblically thus giving them a firm foundation to support an increase in disciple growth. Here is an article that discusses five basic qualifications for church revitalization.

Global Networking

We endeavor to connect Gospel minded pastors, leaders, believers, and churches in Belize to come together for a common cause and purpose: to see Belize and its citizens transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is only natural for the SBB, which was formed from an existing network of mission organizations, to continue to seek out partners to cooperate in fulfilling the Great Commission. The SBB is a platform to not only build networking channels within the borders of Belize; the SBB is building a network of partners that includes surrounding countries, the United States, and across the globe. This global partnership is for the purpose of equipping the Church to make disciples in Belize.

Christian Community Development

We serve communities by mobilizing people and resources in local ministry in order for the entire community to be served and impacted. Whether it is through teaching technical trades/skills and sustainable farming, or offering medical missions and food distribution, or partnering with local schools and civic organizations, the SBB stands ready to work with church and community leaders to better the livelihoods of their citizens and to improve the infrastructure of their locals.